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When you stop by BadApple Repairs in Bellingham & Mount Vernon, WA, for an electronic device repair, you can rest assured: BadApple technicians have the professional expertise to quickly diagnose and fix the problem. Apart from smartphones, we specialize in a wide variety of electronic device repairs including, but not limited to, computers, game consoles, laptops, iPod & MP3 players. We strive to create solutions that work for both your device and your wallet. BadApple Repairs is your leading electronic repair experts.

BadApple Repairs has provided computer and mobile phone repairs, support, and services for the Skagit and Whatcom counties since 2013. After a year hiatus, we’ve recently reopened and are proud to announce our new partnership with Postal & More! Over the past year, we have gone through many changes but, thanks to the new management of Leo Trujillo, BadApple now has two locations:

New Owner of BadApple Repairs: Leo Trujillo

New Owner of BadApple Repairs: Leo Trujillo

Mount Vernon - 1500 College Way Ste A
Bellingham - 1225 E. Sunset Dr. #145 

BadApple Repairs always strives to give excellent customer service by being as open and transparent with our customers as possible. We work hard to be your personal IT/Repair guy you can trust and build a business relationship with. Our continued commitment is to provide local repair solutions to schools, businesses, and consumers in communities across Whatcom and Skagit Valley.

Our diagnostics are always free and there is no charge if we are unable to fix your device!

All BadApple Repairs are backed with a 30-day warranty and any undamaged part may be returned for a refund.

No One Would Replace Their Car If It Had A Flat Tire. So Why Replace Your Phone When A Part Breaks?
— Leo Trujillo, Owner/Electronic Technician
White Bulldog Peeing on a Blue Car's White Wall Tire

Our technicians

We have been working on phones since the iPhone 3 & iPhone 3GS. Our technicians have been working on phones since the birth of cell phone repair shops. We want to be your personal technicians. We won't charge you if you just need advice or knowledge. We'll be open and honest about what the best option is for you; i.e. different repairs or if a replacement is necessary. Dealing with technological issues can be frustrating but we're here to help!

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BadApple Repairs

1500 E College Way, Ste A
Mount Vernon, WA
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